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Tankless Water Heater Installation in Woodland Hills, Ca

Same Day Tankless Water Heater Installation Service

Tankless water heaters are an option that every consumer should consider when replacing an old water heater or selecting a unit for a new installation. Tankless Water Heater Installation in Woodland Hills, Ca is not uncommon. At Turbo Plumbing & Rooter, we have years of experience working with the Woodland Hills, Ca community in all aspects of plumbing service. Also, we have no ties to any manufacturers or brands to influence our recommendations. The only factor that we take into consideration is what will best meet the needs of our customers.

If you are proactively selecting a new water heater, call (818) 740-6830 and speak to one of our team members who can answer your questions about tankless water heaters and working with a Turbo Plumbing & Rooter licensed plumber. Or, if you have no hot water and need a fast installation, call us to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment for our plumber to inspect your home and provide you with a quote for a tankless water heater installation in Woodland Hills, Ca. In most cases, we can complete the installation the same day and have your hot water flowing again very quickly.

To speak with one of our tankless water heater installation experts, give us a call at (818) 740-6830.

Why Go Tankless

Tankless water heaters use a process called on-demand heating. What this means is that the water is only heated when you are opening a hot water faucet or turning on your shower or bathtub fixture. Water is heated as it flows through the pipes to the open hot water fixture. This eliminates the need for the large holding tank of hot water that you find on traditional water heaters. And it also removes the need to waste energy keeping that large tank of water hot when there is no immediate need for it.

Another benefit of a water heater with no tank is the reduction in size and space needed to house the water heater. These new units are often installed under a sink or in a small closet in a bathroom or utility room. And you will never again need to worry about a leak forming in your hot water tank or corrosion compromising the safety of a large tank of hot water. Eliminating the tank and the issues that can arise from rust and corrosion is one of the reasons that tankless water heaters last on average more than ten years longer than a traditional water heater.

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Why Are Tankless Water Heaters More Energy Efficient?

As you can imagine, there are more hours every day that you are not using hot water, than hours when you do use the hot water in your home. And each hour that you are not using hot water represents an hour of wasted energy from a traditional water heater. When you consider the hours that you are sleeping, at work, or away on vacation, the time adds up, and so does the wasted energy and money. Tankless water heaters simply don’t waste energy keeping water hot when there is no demand for hot water. You don’t leave your car idling in the driveway just in case you want to leave the house later in the day. And there is no reason to keep water hot, just in case you want to use it later.

Considerations Before Going Tankless

Price is always a consideration when you are making a purchase. And tankless water heaters are more expensive than traditional units. But only the tankless water heater will provide you with a return on your investment by reducing your monthly utility cost. And there is also a benefit to the environment when you do not was gas or electricity. The longer life span of these units also represents a reduction in materials used to build new water heaters and less waste for disposal of an old, worn-out unit that benefits the environment. 

Correctly sizing a tankless water heater is a critical step in the conversion process. Your Turbo Plumbing & Rooter licensed plumber will be your best resource for this process. He or she will be able to evaluate your hot water needs and suggest a unit or combination of units that will work best for your home. You can also call (818) 740-6830 to discuss any questions that you might have with a Turbo Plumbing & Rooter professional.

When you need a plumber, your first concern should always be locating a well-established professional. Plumbing repairs and installations can be complicated, and knowing that you have a long term warranty from a reliable and reputable licensed plumber is critical to your peace of mind. Ask your friends and neighbors whom they trust, Google best Tankless Water Heater Installation in Woodland Hills, Ca, and check out the BBB website to be sure that you are making a good selection. We know that if you follow that process, you are going to find that the one name everyone recommends is Turbo Plumbing & Rooter. We have worked diligently to build a stellar reputation and business based on quality plumbing work, exceptional customer service, and reasonable pricing. Call (818) 740-6830 today and know that we can have your new tankless water heater installation in Woodland Hills, Ca completed quickly and efficiently because that is what every customer deserves.

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