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Accurate Leak Detection in Granada Hills, CA

A leak, whether small or large, can leave expensive, lasting damage throughout your home or commercial property. Even small leaks gone undetected can get worse over time, cause mold growth, and mar paint, flooring, and other home features. At Turbo Plumbing & Rooter, we identify the early warning signs for you with leak detection in Granada Hills, CA and the surrounding areas.

At the first sign of a leak, we will be there with the proper equipment to locate it, target it, and repair it. Our goal is to find the root cause of the leak as well, so you will not have to call us for constant repeat repairs. Whether the leak is under the sink, in the walls, or a slab leak under the foundation of your house, we are prepared to patch it up for good.

How Does Leak Detection Work?

In Granada Hills, leak detection is a process that depends on the type of leak we suspect you have. We will use the equipment that most makes sense for your home, based on the warning signs you describe. Here’s a preview of our process:

What is a Slab Leak?

There is perhaps no more terrifying type of plumbing problem than a slab leak (if you don’t have the right plumbers on your side!). It is a leak in one of the plumbing lines that run either directly through or beneath the cement slab your home is built on. While these issues aren’t common, they can lead to devastating consequences. If you suspect you have a slab leak, you need to act quickly and reach out to a trustworthy and experienced plumber who can detect where the leak is and quickly implement an effective solution to eliminate it.

But how do you detect a leak in a pipe that you can’t see, can’t hear, and have no idea even exists without looking at a full schematic for your plumbing system?

Here are a few common signs that you might have a slab leak:

Turbo Plumbing & Rooter has the tools and experience to offer slab leak detection and repair in Granada Hills and the surrounding areas. Knowing the location of the leak is the first step in determining the best possible approach to a repair that’s both cost-effective and takes care of the problem for good.

How Slab Leak Repair Works

Repairing a slab leak doesn’t necessarily involve tearing out your flooring and digging into your concrete slab anymore. In the past, this process would have taken weeks and cost thousands, but today some slab leaks can be fixed by simply deleting the line that’s damaged and running a new one. There are a few factors that affect whether or not this is possible, and a skilled slab leak repair and detection plumber can help you make this determination.